N.T.S N.A.T 8 VIII Result 2 October 2011

N.T.S held test of N.A.T on 2 October 2011 the test result is awaited by the students who gave the test for N.A.T the N.T.S org examined and tested the students for national amplitude test on 2 October 2011.

The national testing service before this 8 project of N.A.T which stands for national amplitude test for various admission in universities and some colleges the result can be should as an alternative to the test which is held by the university on there own grounds for the entry or entrance for there undergraduates seats, the test result score is aggregated with the F.Sc marks depending on the merit it may be very high or very low also depending on how many students applied for the university admissions.

The result of N.T.S N.A.T can be viewed by follow the instruction below


N.T.S 2 October test date Result N.A.T

Comment below if you are having trouble finding the result of N.T.S N.A.T 8 held on 2 October 2011 the test of 2 October according to scheduled of N.T.S will announce result after 7 days the 8 project is another N.A.T test similar to other 7 N.A.T tests which were held before this N.T.S N.A.T test.
Enter the roll no below to view your result of national amplitude test we also welcome your comment on result of 2 October 2011 N.A.T if you are having trouble finding the result write your roll no in the comment box below we will try our best to find your result.

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